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Your Certification as a

Weight Loss Solution Hypnotist   

Your Complete 6 Session WLS System

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What if YOU had the special ability to help

your weight loss client’s breakthrough their problems

so they actually experienced Same Day Results?


Or would you continue to struggle to help them with... 

  • Their painful past and how it convinced them that they weren't good enough...and after all of the diets, food plans, gym memberships and trainers, they still feel this way and it shows
  • How they’ve been programmed to take care of others at the expense of who they really so the love they crave is only found in food
  • Their environment and how it continually reminds them that they don't measure up... so they turn to another diet that only reinforces the deprivation
  • Frustration, overwhelm, and exhaustion in their weight loss journey are their constant they quit on themselves yet again which only shouts all over again; they're not good enough

Their Weight Loss Success starts from within but will be limited by the bad beliefs that have held them back back, the self sabotage actions that stall their progress and the daily distractions that add to their load


It’s time to help your clients realize that their weight is simply a symptom and

YOU WILL help them peel back the pounds to reveal who they really are

I've spent my entire career

as a Certified Hypnotist and Instructor,

learning how our wounds

actually hold the wealth of what we want in life.


And I want to teach you, live and in-person, how to do the same for your clients


Virtual so you can attend from anywhere

Sat Feb 22, 9am-4pm

Sun Feb 23, 9am-1pm 

What you'll learn with me in your 1 1/2 Day Intensive

  • What are your clients negative neuro-associations with food and how it keeps them eating subconsciously.  Then you will discover what steps you need to take to transform them to support your Healthy Client

  • How the pain/pleasure principle has been controlling your client; what they eat, how they work out, they ways they nourish themselves...even how much money they make and the love they allow in their life.  You then take steps to put Them back in charge! 

  • What are their unique personality needs and why have they been using food to fulfill them?  You are then shown how to put together a process that is unique for them that will satisfy those needs in healthy, nourishing ways. 

  • How have their childhood beliefs hurt their weight reduction process?  What is needed by that wounded part that they hold within...let's begin to heal her!

  • Your WLS System would not be complete without the actual Hypnosis scripts, techniques, word-for-word marketing and complete package pricing plus a Success Manual for your clients. It truly is a turn-key system. 

  • BUT Your Weight Loss Solution System cannot help anyone if they don't even know you exist. So let's put together a Rapid Profit Marketing Plan that will bring in clients and cash Organically (that means without any more money spent on your part!)

I’m so confident in my ability to help you make a massive upgrade in the way you work with your weight loss clients, that I’m 100% guaranteeing your experience.


If before the lunch break of the first day, you are not convinced that the

Weight Loss Solution System is worth your investment, just let me know. 

And I’ll gladly give you your money back.


There is NO RISK whatsoever. NONE.


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    Your Complete 6 Session WLS System

    PLUS the Bonus Training of Rapid-Profit Marketing for Spring/Summer 2020 

    Your Investment for Your Complete Turn Key System is just an

    Easy Pay of 797