Maximum Mindset for

Health, Wealth and Happiness

Because Success starts with Who You Believe You Are  

The Course Designed to Free You from

Mental Limitations, Breakthrough Bad Beliefs and

Stop the Self-Sabotage NOW

All success starts from within. Everything you have, good or bad, positive or negative, prosperity or poverty will manifest from one thing; who you are being in your life

BUT who you believe you are is not based on the truth of your potential and power.

Instead you were programmed to meet the needs of others

It's time to discover your truth to turn on Your Success   

Training with Dawn in your Maximum Mindset Program includes:

  • Step-by-Step Exercises, Handouts and Checklists designed for fast implementation AND all organized for you in an easily referenced Success Manual

  • Complete Audio Download that's easy to save to your Success Library on any smart device. This way, you can review anytime your Success needs a refresher

  • A Bonus Group Hynosis Session to make your next step into Success Easier! 

Maximum Mindset

for Health, Wealth and Happiness

Virtual Workshop

(so you can attend from anywhere)


Here's a Sampling of what you'll receive in your Maximum Mindset for Health, Wealth and Happiness Workshop 

  • Module 1: Mindset

    • How to move from stress and overwhelm into Successful Opportunities
    • The Terror Barrier; how to breakthrough when it tries to block you
    • Why willpower will abandon you and its powerful replacement
  • Module 2: Values

    • Why you continue to have the same problem over and over again
    • How to focus on being your best when others try to push your buttons
    • When to say yes or no to the needs of others 
  • Module 3: Fulfillment

    • How failure can actually bring out your best
    • What's your action personality; stress or emotion
    • Turning stress, overwhelm and fear into extra energy for achievement 

If that inner voice is already telling you why try, it's not really that bad...this is just one more way to's just too hard...


Stop settling for a future based on your past pain!


It's time to turn on your Potential, reclaim your Power and turn on your Success!

Satisfaction Guarantee!

You have until the first break to decide if this workshop is for you. If it is not a fit for you, simply call Dawn at (636) 699-7791 and leave a message. I will refund your investment within 30 days, via check. I want to make it easy for you to say YES to Your Success! 

Maximum Mindset for

Health, Wealth and Happiness

Because Success starts with Who You Believe You Are  

(636) 699 7791