Marry Your Passion of Helping Others

with the Profit of Your Own Holistic Business

Become a Certified Hypnotist 

with Dawn Ferguson, Certified Instructor and Certified Hypnotist 

Become a Certified Hypnotist and

Discover How You Can Create Deep, Lasting,

Personal Transformations and

Build the Holistic Business of Your Dreams -

Both at the Same Time

Imagine how exciting your career can be when you can confidently and easily help your clients break through the blocks holding them back, then teach them how to turn on their power so they can turn their dreams into reality...


What about your own dreams? Are you ready to take Your Life to the next level? 

You are not a commodity and neither is the new career you are embarking on; I promise to give you the special, undivided attention you deserve to be a Success - this is why I limit your class to ONLY 6 Students! (I don't feel you should be just another number shoved into a virtual classroom) 

All Certification Trainings are held virtually and LIVE!

This way you you learn how to work with clients virtually so your business can go Anywhere

PLUS you receive answers to your questions same day!

This training is one Saturday per month and 3.5 hours per week April 3 - July 3

scroll down for exact dates

Registration CLOSES when the class reaches maximum of 6 students OR March 22

Here's some of your bonuses you'll receive when you become a

Certified Hypnotist through 

Dawn Ferguson

(Instructor for the National Guild of Hypnotists)

  • Bonus: Hypnosis Solutions

    This practical Hypnotherapy Desk Reference contains over 90 hypnosis sessions.  When a client comes in for a session, you will look up their type of challenge and then be directed to the correct script and therapeutic technique to utilize.  You will get fast, effective strategies for working with clients overcoming: smoking, weight, stress, relationship challenges, financial problems, and more.

  • Bonus: 1 Year Membership in the National Guild of Hypnotist

    The National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc. is a not-for-profit, education corporation and professional organization comprised of dedicated individual committed to advancing the field of hypnotism. They provide an open forum for the free exchange of ideas concerning hypnotism.  The Guild is a resource for members and a vehicle for legal and legislative action.

  • Bonus: Client Startup Kit

    How do you get started as a hypnotist when you are talking with a potential client?  What should you ask? When should you offer no charge consultations?  In this training you'll understand how to approach your sessions with any client and their challenge. You'll get strategies, exercises, and real-life training working with real clients so you'll be able to start your business with confidence.

  • Bonus: A "Breakthrough to the Best You" Private Hypnosis Session

    It is only normal and natural that you would have some fears and challenges concerning your new business; do you really have what it takes, can you make enough money, what if this doesn’t work.  If left unchecked, these fears can sabotage you and your business success! Your private "Breakthrough Hypnosis Session" with either Dawn or Drew is designed to help you release at a deep level, any negative programming that would hold you back in your business.  This rapidly accelerates your personal and professional results.

  • Bonus: Working with Clients Internship

    Book knowledge can only take you so far.  It is the real life experiences of working with clients in private sessions while being supported by your instructor’s, Dawn and Drew that can be the determining factor of starting your business competently! You will work with at least 1 client VIRTUALLY during your certification.  This interactive training will give you immediate feedback that will energize you as well as giving you the needed self -assurance that you can do this!  

  • BONUS: Certification as a Life Mastery through 
    Self-Hypnosis Instructor

    PLUS you receive your complete Complete Life Mastery Self-Hypnosis Class in a Kit

    (bonus value $797)

    This way you can immediately generate a leveraged income stream by teaching one-to-many! This class is a great add on to empower private session client's as well as a quick way to generate qualified leads for private sessions.

  • Bonus: Training will be held virtually to safeguard your health 

    Your training will take place virtually so you know that your health will be safe guarded. PLUS you're not just another number to be jammed into a class- each certification is limited to 6 students so you can receive the attention you desire and deserve! Training virtually will make it easier for you when it's time to work with your own clients using the same style and platform. 

  • Bonus: Hypnotist Speaker's Blueprint

    The CH Speaker's Blueprint guides you in the process of giving your first public presentation on Hypnosis.  You will have a format to start giving presentations on any topic, teaching you how to get out there and start speaking.

Is Becoming a Certified Hypnotist right for you? Let's find out... 

  • You want to learn how to help people transform at their deepest level for success that can last a lifetime

  • You want to get started quickly by getting access to a proven, step by step "workshop in a box" that you can begin delivering as soon as you're Certified. This allows you to create rapid success for your clients and an in-demand income stream for you

  • You want a Certification that is easily learned, easy to market and quick to get results 

  • You love to hang in a community of other business owners who are passionate about their clients breakthroughs, hold themselves accountable for their own growth, and are spiritually oriented in creating a better world for everyone while living the business of their dreams  

Which Tuition Option is the Best For You?

Your tuition includes all of your student manuals/workbooks, reference guides, audio and DVD’s, PLUS 100’s of Hypnotic Prescriptions and so much more!  With income potentials ranging from $100 to $300 per session/client, you can earn back your investment in a short time with private sessions or group workshops

Your Certification is held Virtually. This way your health is safe guarded PLUS you can attend from anywhere! And training this way will make it easier for you when it's time to work with your own client's using the same style and platform.

Registration CLOSES when the class reaches a maximum of 6 students or March 22

Class Schedule

  • Saturday April 3 8am-5pm CST
  • Every Tuesday in April - you can pick a time slot that best fits your schedule9-12:30 OR 1-4:40 OR 6-9:30 CST
  • Saturday May 1 8am-5pm
  • Every Tuesday in May except 5/25 - you can pick a time slot that best fits your schedule 9-12:30 OR 1-4:40 OR 6-9:30 CST
  • Saturday June 5 8am-5pm
  • Every Tuesday in June - you can pick a time slot that best fits your schedule 9-12:30 OR 1-4:30 OR 6-9:30
  • Saturday July 3 8am-5pm Graduation Day!


April-July Certification



then 4 additional investments of the same amount every 30 days thereafter

Easy-5-Pay EXPIRES March 3

April-July Certification Best Value

Invest in Full and Receive the BONUS of additional Business Building Training

PLUS Personal Development Courses between now and your certification


this pays your tuition in FULL


This option is best for those busy professionals who need a training schedule that adapts to their hours available


Take up to 4 months to finish your certification


Days, evenings and weekends available

Training is done on a floating schedule; You and Dawn agree on a time table based on joint availibility


Private training consists of 81 hours of Certification Training


for private training

    This Certified Hypnotist Training with Dawn Ferguson, (Instructor for the National Guild of Hypnotists) will significantly shortcut what you need by giving you these must have Success Secrets 

    Success Secret #1: You receive our done-for-you content such as Hypnotic Prescriptions, session outlines, templates, client exercises and ready-to-go program outlines, so you can work with clients right away

      Success Secret #2: It's not enough to be great at what you do, you also need clients. Jumpstart your business success by marketing to the right clients, at the right time for the right results with your Mindset, Money and Marketing Training

        Success Secret #3: You're trained personally by Dawn who offers her 16+ years in the Hypnosis Industry plus her decades of experience as a business coach. This way you're confident starting with your very first client

          Success Secret #4: Certification as a "Life Mastery through Self-Hypnosis Instructor" This way you can immediately generate a leveraged income stream by teaching one-to-many! This class is a great add on to empower private-session-client's as well as a quick way to generate qualified leads for private sessions

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                Frequently Asked Questions

                Why should I train with Dawn Ferguson

                Where is the Certified Hypnotist training held

                What will I learn during my Certification Course

                What happens if I miss a class​

                Is there any kind of test

                Yes, there is a Certification Test.  By offering the material in sections combined with Dawn's easy to learn class instruction, if you are willing to apply yourself, you will find it easy to excel.

                Your 100% Happiness Guarantee

                If for any reason you are not satisfied with your course by the lunch break of the first day, simply notify Dawn. You'll receive a refund minus a 197 fee via check

                Not sure if this Training is for you?

                Then call and we will personally answer all of your questions

                (and if you get a hold of Dawn, she's a talker and will answer questions you hadn't even thought of!)

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                Marry Your Passion of Helping Others

                with the Profit of Your Own Business

                Become a Certified Hypnotist 

                with Dawn Ferguson, CI, CH 

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