Hypnosis Success Stories

You should know that our clients results below are not typical...

Of Course Not because there is not a "typical person".


These reflect the everyday Success that you too, can achieve!


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"My experience with Dawn was my first hypnosis experience.


I wasn't sure what to expect, but had been battling a sugar addiction my entire life. I felt that it was time to give it up and had tried several times on my own with no success.


During my meeting with Dawn, she took the time before the hypnosis to discuss what I wanted to get out of the session and what I needed to do to be successful.


The session went great and I've been sugar-free for 2 months now. There is no looking back. It feels like I've been sugar-free for much longer because I don't even have cravings anymore.


I am so very grateful to Dawn for assisting me in changing my habit for good. She was well worth the investment. Thank you, Dawn!" -from Hannah R

The biggest challenge I had before working with Dawn and Drew was anger due to a multitude of factors. I wanted to learn how to control  it and redirect it in a way that would benefit rather than sabotage me.


Dawn and Drew have taught me a LOT about becoming what you say in the privacy of your own mind. If I ever wanted to be that easy-   going, tolerant person that I knew I could be, I realized I had to picture myself letting things roll off my back; things that may have really gotten to me in the past.


I also had to come to the hard realization that one can never control their environment or other people, but we can all control how we react to those external stimuli. By transforming my baser instincts to reflect a broader acceptance of my fellow human beings, I've actually overcome many obstacles that would've upset me prior to my time with Dawn and Drew. I cannot thank them enough for providing an education that promotes clarity and cohesiveness in my belief system that was previously dissonant.


Enrolling in the two-day intensive on self-hypnosis was my first step toward a happier (and therefore healthier) me. I ended up retaking the course because my mind had been blown so many different times in those 2 days that I was sure I missed something! The Fergusons' curriculum instills a vital understanding of how your values need to align, and with this knowledge I was able to both reflect on and modify my values for cohesion.


Results: I snap at people a lot less. It takes a lot longer for someone to rub me the wrong way because I choose to give people the benefit of the doubt more so than not. I can't even believe I typed those previous two sentences, because I definitely wouldn't have a year ago. Enough said!


I'm really not shooting for teacher's pet here, but I have to say I'm grateful for Dawn and Drew; not just for the stellar, Harvard-of-hypnosis type of education they delivered, but for following up and holding me accountable after I became a certified hypnotist. They've always been there to answer my questions, and just talking to them, you can see how devoted they are to each individual student's success. I'm grateful for feeling like they are right there behind me, supporting me and doing whatever is in their power to push me to greater heights.

Thanks, Dawn and Drew!

Rachael Heffner, CH - racheheff_23@hotmail.com

I am a 29 year old certified hypnotist who was born and raised in Columbia, MO. I have a BFA in graphic design from Stephens College, and I live with my boyfriend and pooch (Pablo the German Shepard).

I had been a smoker for 13 years.  A pack a day.  I had tried quitting at least 20 times.  I tried the patch, the gum, cold turkey, auricular therapy, basically everything save for hypnotherapy and medication.


I learned that I was sabotaging myself from becoming the best me I could be.


I worked with Dawn, and in one session I quit smoking like it was nothing


The first week was a breeze, and I never looked back.  I was completely in control.


I am grateful for all the support that Dawn has given me in my path to success in my personal journey.  I am also grateful for the ability to smell.


I forgot how good a dew infused spring morning smells.

Kevin Harrman  kevin.g.har@gmail.com

I feel CLEAR! I feel FREE! Free of those issues that kept me blocked!! Dawn's ability to take me to a place of past moments when I could see and feel how these restrictions occurred, was the most releasing experience!! The long and thoroughly insightful conversation before the hypnosis was extremely helpful as well.


I am so impressed with Dawn's bright insights , quick awareness , and professionalism throughout the process.   I can't wait to brag about Dawn to anyone needing this amazing 'healing'.


I felt I had one last tight bolt to free up..and now I have been CLEARED of all tightness! THANK YOU , DAWN!..You are TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

Joan Marie  http://www.joanmarieart.com/ 

Working with Dawn has been such a powerful experience!  Through her guidance, I was able to identify where I was stuck and then set out a plan to stand in my own power.  What used to be scary is now so simple and easy. Thanks for my work with Dawn, I am now ready to step into my greatness because I am clear about who I am and what makes me tick.

Maureen Wielansky, Holistic Health Expert. www.makingitallfit.com

“Dawn is a superb instructor and guide. She is very personable, understanding and is willing to go that extra step in determining what is best for her clients, and to guide them in the right direction in order for them to reach their goal or goals. Dawn is a person who can be trusted with any personal information. I highly recommend her!"July 26, 2010

Kathy Klug, Personal Aromatherapist, www.lavendarmoon.biz

“Dawn is a great resource and a generous wealth of knowledge on how our minds work. She is committed to your sucess!”  

Kim Archer

“Dawn presented a seminar at our office and we had a great turn out and great results! Dawn is an amazing therapist who has many talents and resources. I would recommend Dawn for personal needs, business help, and as a supportive partner in building your life!”  

Dr. Alison DiBarto, www.healinghandshealinglives.com

“Dawn is incredibly helpful in helping clients to achieve the results they want. She is flexible to work with and always seems to turn lemons into lemonade. I highly recommend her as a health coach. She is able to get to the heart of the matter and is very insightful in helping clients to see what is happening and the path to take.”

Diane Keefe, Health Coach

“the moment I met Dawn Ferguson, I knew I wanted to be around her as much as possible. She is an utter professional, a prolific speaker, and a superior business woman. One session with Dawn and I was ready to take on the world. Her attention to detail, along with her wisdom has truly allowed me to blossom into the woman I always knew I could be. Are you ready to dig deep and excavate your greatness? Then your first step is to book a session with Dawn Ferguson!”

Maureen Wielansky, www.makingitallfit.com

“Dawn is an amazing professional who truly cares about her client's success. She can work with you in any area of your life. I highly recommend her.”

Donna Gamache

“Dawn has a great way of combining her highly-trained skills as a hypnotist with the talents of a personal coach and mentor. Her intuitive perspective adds an insightful quality to her professional client services.” 

Cathy Davis, www.daviscreative.com

“Dawn is an absolute professional and she knows how to address the obstacles that might stand in your way of success. If you're not where you want to be then I highly encourage you to schedule a consultation.”

Gail Palubiak

“Dawn is simply amazing!! The results I have seen after working with Dawn have made a huge impact in my personal and professional life. She makes you feel comfortable and empowered. I am so glad that I know Dawn and will continue to use her services!”

Sarah Tosto

“Dawn is a hypnotherapist and has really help me determine my issues and find healthy ways to deal with them. She has a great presentation, really cares about her clients, and she truly loves helping folks.”

Katie Banister

“Dawn Ferguson, from Ferguson Hypnotherapy is professional, caring and committed to the success of her clients. Her approach is to learn what results you desire and work with you so you can reach the success you are looking for. She customizes her hypnotherapy program for her clients and takes the time to really know her clients. I am happy to share that others I have introduced to Dawn love her and her work too!” 

Karen Hoffman, www.theideacoach.com

“Dawn isn't a doctor but I put her in the same category. She offers a solution to problems that aren’t going to fix themselves. She is wise and interesting and I trust her judgment.”

Suzi Tozar

For the past couple of years I lived with a lot of pain in my back due to a disc that had disintegrated and was putting pressure on my sciatic nerve.  Because of all the pain, I basically had little to no exercise in my life, and unfortunately gained quite a bit of weight.  More than I ever weighed in my life. 


I did have the surgery to repair the problem in my back, but then was afraid to exercise for fear that the pain would return.  I decided to make an appointment with my friend Dawn or Drew who is always full of good advice. 


Dawn got right down to business by asking me questions to find out what the real problems were.  Then she suggested a program for me to follow which was so simple that I told her " if I can't do this, then there is something else wrong with me" 


Her answer was "if you can't do this, then you really don't want to lose weight!"  That hit me like a ton of bricks.  And 'YES' I wanted to lose it. 


I followed her simple exercise suggestions and also what to do when tempted by the 'sweets', and now 3 weeks later, I am exercising on a daily basis, without any pain to my back, and I have lost 12 lbs.  I have made changes in my life, but they are good, simple changes that have made a huge difference for me. 


I intend to keep going until I lose the desired amount of weight that I need to lose to be a healthy person again.  And you know what?  I am excited about it, and instead of being afraid of the scale, it is now my good friend.  And so is Dawn.  Thanks Dawn!

Kathy K., MO

WOW!  Where do I start?  Dawn and I were talking when she mentioned that she worked in hypnotherapy. (Our paths crossed for a reason, as I had begun investigating hypnosis and weight loss.)  I have tried all diets, good and fad, where I would lose (joy!) and after going off the diet, gain at least twice the amount that I lost (sad).  Our first session together was really an important step for me as it was where I mentally prepared myself that this was going to be a POSITIVE change in ALL areas of my life.  Yes, with Dawn’s help, I concentrated on reducing weight and being comfortable in sweating while I exercised.  Today, I consistently work out four times a week and am much more careful in how I approach each bite.  I have seen a physical change, but more importantly I feel better about ME.  If you are unhappy in any area of your life, I suggest you contact Dawn for a happier and improved you.

Bev St. Charles, MO

Before working with Dawn, I was hiding out in my business. As a result, I did not express what was in my soul, I lost a great deal of business and personal fulfillment. I was stuck in my own fears and financially frustrated. After just ONE session of coaching with Dawn, I have renewed my energy, re-branded my business and website and created a kick-butt plan for the coming year.  I turned my business around to truly reflect my life’s vision. I have created new and exciting information products and programs. I am also firmly positioned to earnmultiple six figures within the next year in my business. Most importantly, I coach others how to create a lifestyle and business that speaks from and reflects their soul; their life’s purpose. I have become the example that I seek in the world, now I attract and I teach others how to do the same.

Dorris Burch, The Revelation Coach, www.DorrisBurch.com

After participating in my first session of hypnosis, my anxiety level significantly decreased to where I no longer felt that constant sensation of nervousness. Using the suggestions I was provided helped to control the now much milder situational anxiety.  Also after a group session where the topic presented was on "cleaning out the clutter", I was able to do so without having to be "in the mood" . Not only did I purge the files from my computer that I said I would (the next day) but also purged lots from my basement. It was definitely much easier and I spent much less time agonizing over what I should keep or get rid of. It was much easier to make a decision.  I feel great! Thanks


About one of our classes...Since doing the sessions for The Law of Attraction my life has changed considerably.  I have read the book but the class actually explained it step by step.  I am actually in control of MY OWN LIFE now.  It is great.  Thank you Dawn and Drew!

Angie Jo.   St. Louis

My experience with Ferguson & Associates Hypnotherapy LLC has been amazing. I met Dawn and Drew Ferguson and immediately felt comfortable with them and their programs. My first experience was a "personal private session" that helped me with several family-related issues in my life. Actually, it helped me deal with my issues that were family related! I have also attended a couple of workshops that gave me great insight about how I unconsciously created my life in the past and which now allow me to consciously design my life from now forward. The results are that I now create permanent changes in my life through simple techniques, I now create new positive habits that make my life a joy and I really enjoy my life.

My connection with who I really am has been a remarkable adventure since that first session. Their counseling, feedback, initiatives and guidance has helped me change my life. They are always supportive, thoughtful and provide thought-provoking details in a format that makes the information easy to follow. I truly appreciate them for their contribution to me and to everyone who comes their way.

Linda, Missouri

My life has changed in such a positive way because of hypnosis. I choose what I want in life, set my goals and use the tools (hypnosis) to get there. I have never been so happy. In fact, before hypnosis, I never thought the things I wanted in life could ever be reached. Now, I can't imagine thinking they couldn't.


The best investment in myself came from attending a Hypnosis session. I was able to conquer hidden fears from my past that seem to continue to plague my current life. I have been able to use my brain to achieve some powerful results such as weight loss with no diet, fix current and past relationships and only allow healthy ones in my life now. But most of all - I discovered who I was and who I wanted to be, and how I could achieve it.

Sherry H.

Since working with Dawn and Drew, I've been an increasingly steady person.  I used to have difficulties with anxiety but because Dawn worked with me, anxiety medications are a thing of the past.  Not only that, but taking the classes with Dawn and Drew have helped me live my life more in the flow.  I recently got out of a relationship I would have otherwise tolerated indefinitely because I finally recognized that, dangit! I was worth more than that!  I value and love myself and am much more whole since associating with Dawn and Drew.  Thank-you both, for everything!

Love, Becky

Hypnosis is a very useful tool that has helped me greatly in achieving a variety of personal goals. It has helped in a surprising number of ways from my original goal which has been fantastic.   I would recommend that almost anyone try it.
Kelly B.

"I went to Ferguson Hypnotherapy for quitting smoking and I Highly recommend them.  Dawn was my Hypnotherapist and also helped me overcome my agoraphobia."

Jennifer O.

I sought out hypnotherapy because I was overweight and out of shape. I had been WANTING to change for a long time, but just couldn't seem to muster the motivation. After my sessions with Dawn, I not only immediately improved my eating habits, I subsequently joined a gym and have been working out regularly ever since. I am not only at my ideal weight, I am probably in better physical shape than I was as a teenager.

Pat, Missouri

"Dawn at Ferguson Hypnotherapy helped me overcome my agoraphobia and she was so very professional and compassionate that I would recommend her and her firm to anyone."

Jennifer in Missouri

These reflect the everyday Success that you too, can achieve!

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