It's time to Reach Greater Heights of Business Success with Less Effort


YOU as a Life Mastery Instructor!

Dawn and Drew Ferguson, CI, CH 

Certified Instructors and Certified Hypnotists

Dear Certified Hypnotist,


Are these some of the questions your clients (and maybe you) just haven't been able to find the answers for:


I'm tired of being tired...what happened to the passionate person I dreamed of becoming?


Anxiety, fear, stress, are overwhelming my life, how do I STOP?!


I get so close to my goal and then I quit or sabotage myself, WHY?


If my bad habit is so bad for me, why can't I stop?

If any of the above feels familiar, then you are in the right place.  

Because being the best you can be is one of the most challenging, revealing and soul satisfying journeys you will ever undergo!

But continued struggle, floundering and failing does NOT have to be part of your journey! 

When we became Certified Hypnotists, a brand-new world of achievement opened up


We discovered: 

  • The 3 types of habits and patterns that determine your Success

    Tension avoiding, pleasure producing and goals achieving.  Knowing how to work your physical actions brings success.  Having your actions work you and you fail

  • The Pain/Pleasure Principle that governs all of your emotions​

    Understanding this one law of the mind will have you feeling in-control, no matter what your circumstances

  • Evidence Based Beliefs that regulate all your thoughts​

    If you only change your thoughts then you are just treating the symptoms of failure in your life.  Learn how to transform your beliefs and you will treat the cause! This and so much more is what we are offering you in this special intensive

YOU Certified as a 

Life Mastery through Self-Hypnosis Instructor

Teach others how to use Self-Hypnosis to

Reach Greater Heights of Success

with Less Effort

  • Your Life Mastery System starts with you teaching the Hypnosis System for Rapid Results

    Body Scans: introduce the Relaxation Response
    Inductions: begin the Hypnotic Process
    Deepeners: go to the level of Hypnosis required for your specific end result
    Hypnotic Prescriptions: deliver suggestions in a way your mind will accept for rapid results
    Post Hypnotic Suggestions: set yourself up for continued success by utilizing key words, actions and your environment
    & Exits: coming back up to an alert state feeling refreshed and confident!

  • Then assist your clients with their; focus, letting go of bad habits, improving their health, sleep issues, prosperity mind set and more. PLUS, you'll assist them with their unique personality traits and how to use them for Success

    The Pain/Pleasure Principle: master this one principle and you will revolutionize your life
    4 Levels of Your Personality Pyramid: have a deeper understanding of where you are and where you need to go
    Letting go of Bad Beliefs: receive training in our trademarked process that all of our Certified Hypnotists are trained in
    Heal Old Emotional Wounds: no longer allow your destiny to be determined by your past, instead take your past to reveal your power
    Fulfill your special potential and achieve lasting happiness 

    Your Specialized Training PLUS Bonuses

    Your Certification as a Life Mastery Instructor will be held Sat-Mon, September 26-28


    BONUS: how to price, market and make money with your new Certification

    BONUS: immediate access to the virtual course Maximum Mindset for Business

    BONUS: follow up q&a to make the most out of your Certification

    Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

    • What you have right now in your life is a result of your identity

      The challenge is, who you think you are isn't something you developed! It was handed to you when you were a child and reinforced by your circumstances and conditioning as you grew. Let's breakthrough the programming holding you back from being who and where you want to be

    • You want to move ahead but does it seem that as soon as you make progress your life seems to fall apart?

      The part of your mind that runs your success/failure habits doesn't want to learn anything it will try to stop you by making you super-sensitive to what's not working. You MUST get it on your side if you want rapid results that last

    • Too many times, once the goal is achieved, it feels empty, hollow, is-this-all-there-isAnd then you're searching for the next feel good/class/workshop/book/coach to fill the void that can never be met from the outside. Learn how to align your actions, emotions and beliefs with who you really are!

    It's time to take YOU and Your Client's to the

    Next Level of Success!

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